The Milky Way

Virtual Baby Bodywork


This service was created to accommodate Milky Way clients both near and far! Learn with your little one how to release connective tissue restrictions, called fascia, to help them with growth, development, feeding, fussiness,
sleep, and digestion!
While forming a closer bond with your baby in the comfort of your home.
How awesome is that!

In-Person Available

In person visits are still available and are always welcome! This is an added benefit for families living where there isn’t access to a bodywork provider, our office is too far away, or they have just given birth and it’s difficult to travel.

Sessions are scheduled in thirty to forty-five minute increments and will be a hands-on learning of new skills for parents to be able to work on their baby. Weekly follow up appointments will be scheduled after each session
to measure progress and implement new exercises as warranted.



Short 30 to 45 minute visits via online portal


Weekly or Biweekly sessions available
We’ll track your infant’s progress and create a plan that’s just right for you.
Please visit the Contact Us page to schedule an appointment.

About The Milky Way

The Milky Way is a Lactation Counseling, Pediatric / Postpartum Bodywork, and Postpartum Doula Practice located in the Temecula Valley of Southern California.

The Milky Way offers in Home & Virtual Lactation Counseling, Pediatric Fascial Therapy, Virtual Postpartum Counseling, Breastfeeding Doula Support, and Postpartum Massage Therapy.

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