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Learn How To Create The Best Possible Environment For Your Baby

Develop A Clear Birth Plan

Have A Plan For Restful Sleep AFTER Your Baby Comes

Most new moms make the false assumption that breastfeeding is something that will come naturally to them and therefore don’t prepare for it as they should… and feel guilty when they can’t “get it”.

baby in diaper icon You Have Low Energy Due To Being Up At All Hours With Your Baby

baby in diaper icon No One Has Shown You How To Effectively Breastfeed

baby in diaper icon You’re Not Sure Where To Turn For Support Before & After Your Baby Comes

Why I Became A Doula ...

I became a Doula largely because of my experience as a new mom. When bringing my son home from the hospital there were many aspects that I was completely unprepared for when it came to breastfeeding and taking the proper steps to be the successful mom I had always envisioned I’d be.

When I was getting ready to deliver my first child 22 years ago there wasn’t anyone who could help with postpartum care, lactation, and home visits in my area. The lactation provider at the hospital also wasn’t very helpful in teaching me how to breastfeed, and on top of that my son had to learn how to swallow all over again after we came home.

During that time I was thinking to myself “Gosh, I wonder if other mothers and families are going through what I’m going through” and if there is some kind of service that can be helpful with this…and that was back in 1997!

Thankfully, my childbirth educator was also an RN and a lactation counselor. She was very helpful getting me a breast pump and pointing me in the right direction. And honestly, that’s one of the primary reasons I became a lactation care provider. Our baby may be born completely healthy and we have no relatives or friends around to help us support that baby when we go back to work or when we’re home alone or have other kiddos in the home we need to attend to.

Everyday things like brushing your teeth or taking a shower become harder to get done with a newborn who needs you all the time! And that’s why I opened The Milky Way Lactation and Postpartum Care 12 years ago…because I want to help other families get the support they deserve.

I’m specifically trained to help you with breastfeeding, lactation & postpartum counseling, craniosacral fascial therapy, bodytalk, and postpartum doula services.

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Your Birth Success Plan:

1. Schedule Your Initial Consultation

2. We’ll Develop Your Perfect Plan For When You Come Home

3. You’ll Become More Skilled and Confident In Your New Role (so you can go on to raise healthy and happy babies!)

The Milky Way Is Your Trusted Friend That Guides You Into A Deeper Bond With Your Baby

Affordable Pricing

Save hours of internet browsing and get your questions answered right away by contacting us

Someone you can trust, who has been through what you're experiencing

Virtual and in-person options to protect your family's health & safety


Doula services are available Monday through Saturday, 1 to 3 days per week, in shifts of a four hour minimum / maximum.

For a prenatal interview there is no charge!

Breastfeeding Doula Care – $45 per hour.

2 to 3 days of support for mothers needing help over an extended period of time. In addition to lactation management, care includes: light meal preparation, laundry, and newborn care.

Hours of Availability:

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday – Not Available


Preparation For After Baby Arrives:

Prenatal Consultation 60 minutes – $45

Postpartum Consultation
30 minutes – $35 / 1 hour – $45

Doula guidance to help families navigate the first initial weeks after the birth of their baby.

About The Milky Way

The Milky Way is a Lactation Counseling, Pediatric / Postpartum Bodywork, and Postpartum Doula Practice located in the Temecula Valley of Southern California.

The Milky Way offers in Home & Virtual Lactation Counseling, Pediatric Fascial Therapy, Virtual Postpartum Counseling, Breastfeeding Doula Support, and Postpartum Massage Therapy.

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