Helping you become the confident breastfeeding momma you were meant to be.

We help you become more skilled and confident with breastfeeding, so you can go on to raise healthy and happy babies!

Develop A Stronger Bond With Your Baby

Breastfeeding releases the “love” hormone oxytocin in the mother, which improves the bonding between mother and baby.

Feel Confident While Providing The Best Nourishment Possible

Breast milk has hormones and the right amount of protein, sugar, fat and most vitamins to help your baby grow and develop.

Become Healthier & Happier

Moms who breastfeed have lower rates of ovarian, breast and endometrial cancer.

Most new moms who want to breastfeed encounter major challenges once leaving the hospital…

baby in diaper icon You can’t seem to get your baby to latch

baby in diaper icon It hurts when you try to breastfeed your baby

baby in diaper icon You’re not sure if you’re producing enough milk

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I Know What It’s Like To Struggle With Breastfeeding…

Your Breastfeeding Success Plan:

1. Schedule Your Initial Consultation

2. We’ll Develop Your Perfect Plan for Success

3. Become more skilled and confident in your new role (so you can go on to raise healthy and happy babies!)


The Milky Way Is Your Trusted Friend That Guides You Into A Deeper Bond With Your Baby

Most new moms give up on breastfeeding their babies too soon because it’s painful or they believe they don’t make enough breastmilk. You shouldn’t waste time struggling to breastfeed your little one when you could be learning how to strengthen your bond through proper guidance and mentorship.

With The Milky Way Lactation & Postpartum Counseling you’ll never have to struggle with breastfeeding again.

You’ll learn how to become a skilled and confident breastfeeding momma, and feel great knowing you’re providing the absolute best nourishment for your little one! Schedule your initial consultation today to see for yourself how we truly care about you and your baby.



After having a not so positive experience with a lactation consultant through insurance I was referred to Kim at The Milky Way. She was so patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable! She came to my home and explained techniques and made suggestions so breastfeeding could be more enjoyable and less painful. I would highly recommend Kim to any new mom or any mom having trouble breastfeeding. I cannot thank her enough for all her help.

– Autumn Munson

Kim was so helpful in explaining the whole breastfeeding and pumping process to me before my kids were born. She took a lot of time making sure I was comfortable.

– Ashley Matics

I’m a new momma and was in desperate need of help with breastfeeding… after many doctors’ appointments and different lactation nurses we found Kim. She was amazing! She came to our home in Temecula… so incredibly thorough and answered all of our questions…by the time she left, we felt Very confident. We had been struggling with low milk supply and she saved our breastfeeding relationship! I highly recommend
any new momma seek out help from The Milky Way!!!

– Shauna K

Medical studies are clear, babies who are breastfed have a higher chance of fighting off disease due to the nourishment that only you can provide. In our uncertain world, where the next new disease can come out of nowhere, it is so important to do everything possible to protect not only your baby, but also yourself, in the way that nature intended. We know you want to give your baby the absolute best, and you don’t have to do it alone. Schedule your consultation below to take the first step toward raising a healthy and happy baby!

Become the confident breastfeeding momma you were meant to be.

baby in diaper iconConfidently get your baby to latch every time

baby in diaper iconKnow for sure that you’re producing the maximum amount of milk for your baby

baby in diaper iconStop breastfeeding pain

nursing mother

Take the first step towards becoming the confident breastfeeding momma you were meant to be.

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